IMI DESERT EAGLE .50 Pistol Product Review Details

Review Date: Dec 15, 2002

Product Information

Manufacturer: IMI


Product Type: Pistol

Purchase Price: 1000$

Testing Information

Time Tested: 12 hours

Testing Conditions: clear

Temperature Range: 75-80

Testing Terrain: rolling hills

Testing State: pa

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: JS

Recommended: YES!!!

I purchased, the Desert eagle.50ae,about 4 monthes after buying a taurus raging bull .454 casull,both great guns in my oppinion! The desert eagle is heavy, about 72 ounces, the most fun handgun i've ever fired! installed hogue 1 piece grips, added alot more control than stock grips, recoil is very manageable for a .50ae, fired 200 rounds, (samson 300 grain hollow points) Zero malfunctions, worth every penny! I used to be a revolver guy until i got the desert eagle, now all i want are desert eagles! you got to hold on to it tite, no limp wristing or you get malfuntions, i let a friend borrow it and he had one jam because of limp wristing the gun, got to keep it clean too! use only jacketed bullets or you'll clog the gas ports, very nice gun, my favorite!!! again worth every penny! GREAT GUN!

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