Remington 300 Ultra Mag BDL SS Rifle Product Review Details

Review Date: Jun 21, 2002

Product Information

Manufacturer: Remington

Model: 300 Ultra Mag BDL SS

Product Type: Rifle

Purchase Price: $500-650

Testing Information

Time Tested: 20 hrs

Testing Conditions: cloudy/sunny

Temperature Range: 50-90

Testing Terrain: flat/hilly

Testing State: Virginia

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Andy

Recommended: YES!!!!

I got a used 300 Ultra Mag and I shoot 180 grain Remington Scirrocco Bullets. Its 1" high at 100 yds and it shoots 3/4" groups. Once I got used to the recoil from the rifle I havnt missed a thing out to 300 yds. I use it mostly for ground hogs now to get used to it for deer hunting and let me tell you it is the most accurate gun Ive ever had or shot. I had a ground hog peaking over a rock at me at 125 yds the other day and needless to say thats one less body part he has. I drilled another one at over 300 yds (the first time I shot over 200 yds ever). And a third one was sent spinning and flying back about 15 feet from where he was standing. When I finially take it elk hunting I will have no secound thoughts on taking even the biggest bull at 500 yds. This gun is AWESOME!

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