Tree Lounge tree lounge climbing tree stand Product Review Details

Review Date: Nov 13, 2001

Product Information

Manufacturer: Tree Lounge

Model: tree lounge

Product Type: climbing tree stand

Purchase Price: $289

Testing Information

Time Tested: 34 days

Testing Conditions: rain, sunny

Temperature Range: 26 degrees F - 88 degrees F

Testing Terrain: all of which are listed

Testing State: North Carolina

Review Information

Reviewer's Name: Mark Rector

Recommended: yes (SEE REVIEW)

The stand is super comfortable, so comfortable that I would fall asleep on the mornings when I had driven a couple hours before day light. The new design is as light as any other stand on the market. Sitting in this stand reminds me of a lazy day in a hammock. The stand packs compactly and carries quietly. The only down side of the tree lounge is that it takes double the time to get into hunting position, most of this time is spent putting the stand on the tree. It also takes a while to pack the stand and prepare to care it out. I guess it's a trade off all that comfort for just a little more time. The stand performs better on larger trees, more of the tree cleat is in contact with the tree. The stand is great, the only draw back is putting it on and taking it off the tree. I suggest using it for all day hunts and getting any ol' cheap stand for those after work 2 hour hunts.

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