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50 Camp Creek Road, Olive, MT 59343
(406) 554-3423;

Powder River Mule Deer BowhuntsPowder River Bowhuntsigh quality bowhunting is what we are all about. Our operation was designed by bowhunters, for bowhunters. We have excellent hunting for mule deer, Pronghorn antelopes. Rifles are not allowed on the big game. Bowhunting lasts from the first week of September to the middle of November.

There are 25,000 acres of private land to hunt here. The hunting has been tightly controlled for a long time. There is excellent habitat and the terrain is very good for bowhunting. There are many Ponderosa Pine ridges as well as wheat and alfalfa fields. Even the open country has many rough ridges where it is possible to stalk or wait for the animals. Most of the country is open enough that it is not difficult to find the deer or antelope when they are feeding. We are in the process of adding some food plots that will help concentrate the deer. This will be especially helpful in areas far from the regular fields.


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The mule deer and antelope are our most plentiful species of game. We have literally hundreds. During the fall they concentrate on the alfalfa fields early and then move to the wheat fields. Waterholes work any time the weather is dry. The buck/doe ratio is high because of the limited numbers of animals that are taken. The bucks get a chance to reach their potential. Pope and Young class bucks are common.

Powder River Pronghorn Antelope Bowhunts Pronghorn antelope are everywhere in the open country. They have really increased the last few years. Like all of our game, they have been only lightly hunted. There are a number of antelope bucks that are in the Pope and Young class.

Almost everyone has chances to shoot. Some bowhunters hold off on the smaller bucks waiting for the big ones. Record book mule deer and antelope are taken almost every year.

The hunts are self-guided. We will take you around the ranch and show you the boundaries, roads, fields, waterholes, etc. We usually see a number of animals driving around, even in the middle of the day. By the time we are done showing you around, you should have a good idea where to start hunting. You will be provided with an excellent map of the property. A very limited number of hunters are allowed to hunt here. We try hard to make sure everyone has lots of elbowroom. Even with only one or two people in your party, you will have thousands of acres all to yourselves. The ranch is divided into two halves. Your party, even if it consists of only one person, will have at least half the ranch to hunt. You and your party will be the only ones on that half. Half the ranch is about 20 square miles.

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Powder River Mule Deer Bowhunts Housing is included in the price. We have a house on the ranch available for hunters. It has three bedrooms. The house is well equipped for cooking, with dishware, silverware, pots, pans, microwave, coffee pot, stove, refrigerator, etc. he cooking and food is up to you. A grocery store and restaurants can be found in Broadus. There are sheets, blankets and pillows on the beds, hot water for showers. From the house you will see deer in the fields, some may be in bow range! The house is 10 miles from Broadus.

Applications for deer hunting licenses need to be in Helena, MT by the 15th of March. We do not have guaranteed licenses, so you must go through the drawing. The cost of a nonresident deer license is presently $592. We can help you with the applications. Antelope applications need to be in by the 1st of June.

We are presently asking $2000/bowhunter for four or more people, $2200/bowhunter for three people, $2400/bowhunter for two people and $2600/bowhunter for a single person, for a seven day hunt for deer and antelope. The hunts start on Sunday and run through the following Saturday morning. Please plan on leaving the house Saturday morning so we can clean it for the next group of hunters. We require a $600 deposit to secure your booking. Food or cooking is not included.

Come try some unbelievable bowhunting for trophy mule deer and antelope. Our goal is for you to enjoy your hunt. References are gladly provided. Many of our bowhunters every year are repeat bowhunters.

Powder River Mule Deer Bowhunts Powder River Mule Deer Bowhunts Powder River Pronghorn Antelope Bowhunts Powder River Mule Deer Bowhunts Powder River Pronghorn Antelope Bowhunts Powder River Mule Deer Bowhunts

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