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*1993 SCI North American Professional Hunter of the Year

The P Cross Bar Ranch - Gillette, Wyoming The P Cross Bar Ranch Antelope Hunt

Joe Pedersen he P Cross Bar Ranch is a family owned and operated cattle ranch, hunting and outfitting operation. We are third generation on the ranch and have been outfitting and guiding hunters for over fifty-five years at this location. Our guides and crew have been with us for years.

We hunt the Powder River Basin, which is unique as the only area of any size in the West where trophy Mule Deer and trophy Pronghorn co-mingle and are hunted in the same immediate area.

Hunt Northeast Wyoming

Our ranch and hunting leases encompass over 100,000 acres in the beautiful, wildlife filled Powder River Breaks of Northeast Wyoming, 85% of which is private lands. We hunt from four-wheel drive vehicles and spend much of our time glassing, as 80% of all trophy animals are overlooked by guides and hunters.

Mule Deer & Pronghorn

Our mule deer hunts take place on large private ranches. The terrain encompasses rolling grasslands and rough canyon areas with patches of native timber. We leave the ranch headquarters early and glass the hunting area from a high vantage point. Trophy bucks are most easily spotted early in the morning as they leave their feeding areas to bed down for the day. Many of our mule deer qualify for the SCI record book.

Richard DeFeiliceWe hunt over 100,000 acres of private lands for pronghorn. We take many pronghorns over 14", with about 90% qualifying for the SCI record book.

We provide single species hunts or combination hunts for mule deer and pronghorn. We can include American Bison with a pronghorn hunt for the additional cost.

Trophy American Bison

Our clients consider this the premiere Bison hunt in the west. The bulls are raised on a 55,000 acre ranch from a herd of 3,500 bison. These are the largest bodied bison we have seen and all trophies taken by our clients have scored in the top one third of the SCI record book. The bison range in large pastures with hills for cover. The bulls are spotted and stalked similar to our pronghorn hunts. We hunt bison late October through January as the hides are prime at this time. We offer many additional hunting opportunities. A late October hunt could be upgraded to include pronghorn. All bison taken with us have qualified in the top 1/3 of the SCI record book. The #1 SCI estate bison was taken by one of our clients.

Alternate Weapon Hunts

Doug OrdeWe have great success with archery, blackpowder, and handguns. We hunt bison with all alternate weapons, including archery.

Fair Chase

All game is hunted by fair chase methods. We locate the game using spotting scopes and binoculars, then the game is stalked and we work hard to get the hunter only high percentage shots. We strongly discourage running shots. We obey all state and federal hunting regulations. All guides carry binoculars and spotting scopes and are excellent judges of trophies. You, the hunter make the final decision to shoot based upon what you are looking for and your guides judgement.

After Your HuntBrittany

If you fill your tags early we will take you prairie dog hunting/coyote hunting or sightseeing in the immediate area. Also, in regards to meat and trophy care, we have an excellent local taxidermy on site, and there is quality meat processing available locally.

Modern Ranch Facilities

We have modern ranch facilities for your comfort, plenty of good home cooked food and friendly Western hospitality. We welcome hunting and non hunting wives. This is an excellent hunt for youth on their first western hunt.

Airline Service

We have excellent airline service to Gillette through Denver. Our ranch is only 20 minutes from the local airport and we meet your flights.

David Gibbs

SCI Record Book

Marion and Mary are both master measurers for SCI and we will measure your trophy for you.

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Marion & Mary Scott
8586 Highway 14-16
Gillette, Wyoming 82716
(307) 682-3994
Fax - (307) 682-3684
Toll Free - 1-800-308-3994

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Wyoming Professional Outfitter License #DA-005

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  • Safari Club International (Life Member)
  • National Rifle Association (Endowment Member)
  • Wyoming Outfitters & Guides Association
  • International Professional Hunters Assoc.
  • Wild Sheep Foundation (Life Member)
  • Campbell County Chamber of Commerce
  • America Outdoors
  • Grand Slam Club
  • Boone & Crockett Club (Associate member)

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