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Outfitter Name: Kansas Trophy Whitetails (click to view outfitter profile and contact info)

Outfitter Review - Kansas Trophy Whitetails - Morrowville KS

Hunt Information

Hunt Date: not specified

Hunt Type: Guided

Days Hunted: not specified

Animals Hunted: Whitetail Deer

Terrain Hunted: Farmland

Method of Take: Rifle

Price Range: 3000-3999

Review Information:

Title: Not what I expected or paid for.

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Outfitter Response: Steve, There happened to be 4 other clients booked in camp at the time your group of 4 arrived in camp ( 2 ) days before your scheduled arrival! Now a couple of hours is acceptable but days are not! I would suggest the next hunt you go on you spend more time not looking at all the quality animals that you video and spend more time pulling the trigger! It was very rude of your party to delay the evening meal for the other clients every day so you guys could see who captured what on film. By the way the other hunters all made it in for a great lunch each day, it again was your groups request to stay in the stand all day and to pack a lunch, even tho you were advised not to! And steve you elected to take care of your own game rather than pay the fine for the misjudging of the animal you harvested, gutting a deer saved you a $1,000 be careful the next outfitter may not be as kind as i was to your inexperince of antler judging. Next time listen to your guides that is what your paying for! If you dont and you decide to hunt the way you want to then you dont have anyone to blame for your mistakes but yourself!

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