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Outfitter Review - Cherokee Run Outfitters

Submit Date: May 20, 2010

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Cherokee Run Outfitters

Outfitter / Contact: Tom Naumann

Location: South Carolina, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Boar

Game Quality: Good

Game Quantity: Good

Accomodations: Great

Camp Condition: Great

Food Quality: Not Applicable

Guide Experience: Great

Other Personal Experience: Good

Review Information

Hunter: Andrew

Phone: 734-260-2818


Would Recommend: Yes

Overall Impression: Great

I just returned from my hunt at Cherokee Run and am glad that I did not read the previously posted reviews prior to going. I cannot speak for others, but for my friend and me it was a great experience. I’ve been hunting for 12 years and this was our first guided hunt and first experience for me outside of my home state of Michigan. I think it is unfair and ridiculous to post some of the things said about Tom. I’ll admit that we didn’t get to spend as much time with Tom, the owner, as we would have liked, but if you talked with the man you’d realize he has a family, three young kids, and is a coach and father to them. We were however able to spend a great afternoon sharing hunting stories and fishing with Tom on his pond and enjoyed his company while we could. In addition to that Scott, the guide who we spent most of the days with, was very personable, attentive, prompt, energetic and knowledgeable. He had coffee ready for us when we woke up and dropped/ picked us up at the scheduled times. We got to hunt three different stands in the two days we were there. I personally saw a lot of hog sign and heard them multiple times in the bush, they just never came out. My friend heard a lot, had two come right to the bait 25 yards away, and got a shot. I thought the stands were in great shape and good locations to maximize opportunity. While in the stands I saw turkey and even a buck within 20 yards of me, but it wasn’t the season/ game I was there to hunt. My friend and I went in with realistic expectations and did not base it on whether we went home with meat in the cooler (although we could have minus a missed shot.) My friend and I will be back. Some of the comments that were made are laughable; 1.)“He made us pay for our hunt!” – Where I come from if you buy a shirt, car, hotel room, etc. you usually pay for it first. It is a business so I don’t know why this should be a surprise. 2.)“Don’t expect the Ritz Carlton!” – Who would? First of all it’s a hunting camp and secondly there are pictures posted on the website for you to look at. 3.)“Didn’t have enough utensils.” – We were made aware, in advance, of the fact that we would be furnished with a full kitchen to cook in, nothing more. That plays into the reasonable cost of the hunt. We figured we would need to bring these items and it did not break the bank to buy paper plates (which they actually had there anyway.) 4.)“Didn’t see any animals.” – We did. But most importantly it’s fair chase! If you want to kill, go to a preserve and pay 3 times the amount. If you want to hunt then this is your place. Spoiler Alert: The animals are not chained to the trees or kept in cages/ fences. 5.)“The guide dropped us off and only gave us directions to the stand” – GOOD! Personally I liked that. The less people walking in the woods, making noise, and giving off scent the better! The trails were well marked and flagged for identification. We all know that bad news travels faster than good and I think this is a perfect example of that.

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