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Outfitter Review - Ram Creek Outfitters

Submit Date: May 10, 2010

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Ram Creek Outfitters

Outfitter / Contact: Bill Burwell

Location: AK, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Moose, Sheep, Bear

Game Quality: Outstanding / Saw everything

Game Quantity: Outstanding selection

Accomodations: Outstanding tent camps

Camp Condition: All like new

Food Quality: Very Good provisions

Guide Experience: 4 very experienced, ambitious,

Other Personal Experience: Excellent packer, great cook!

Review Information

Hunter: Mary Ann Smith

Phone: 406 498-1870


Would Recommend: Highly recommend, women welco

Overall Impression: Fun, Fun, Fun! Outstanding, succesful hunt

I don't know what people expect on a remote hunt but the reality is your 65" trophy moose won't be tied to a tree waiting for you no matter how much or who you pay; neither will your full curl ram or your 9' bear. These huge old rams, bulls and boars are trophies because there isn't one standing on every peak or hiding behind every bush for every idiot that can afford to get there! You have to hunt, hunt, hunt and you have to be willing and able to shoot, shoot, shoot and be responsible for what you shoot! I'm an avid, experienced female elk hunter from Montana and what I saw at Bill Burwell's moose camps in 2009 was nothing but professional and skillful hunting and camping. I witnessed the demise of 1 full curl ram, 1 9' Bear and 5 nice but not record breaking moose during the 2009 ten day hunt. One Arizona hunter was set up on a huge moose 3 days in a row and due to his poor shooting skills couldn't manage to get him killed but that's not the guide or outfitters fault! 24 miles from the middle of nowhere we had 4 Polaris Rangers, 8 gentle horses, and a Piper supercub. Fresh eggs were 10 minutes away! Everybody had new tents, lanterns, stoves and plenty of grub and hot coffee! Nobody flew and hunted the same day and nobody directed guides or hunters to game from the airplane. Sure, there were a few resident hunters that toodled up the river past base camp (they've got more right to be there than anybody) but the place is so vast they never hunted in our way or anywhere near Burwell's spike camps. One thing ticks off Bill Burwell though. He expects his clients to arrive in a fit physical condition or at least below 250 pounds and be prepared to hunt all day. When you arrive obese and out of shape he can't fly you safely in the little airplane, you are an over burden to his trusty horses and you probably aren't going to hunt away from your tent. Then you'll go home and cry, cry, cry to anyone who'll listen about how it's the outfitters fault you you didn't get the trophy of your dreams that you paid for. I personally would hunt with Bill Burwell any day, any where for any big game. I know I would enjoy a safe, courteous and successful hunt! Bill should specialize in guiding women hunters. If a woman wants to hunt she'll show up a damn site tougher and better prepared than the rich sissy boys that go home and cry, cry, cry about not getting a big enough trophy.

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