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Outfitter Review - Thunder Valley Outfitters

Submit Date: Dec 17, 2009

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Thunder Valley Outfitters

Outfitter / Contact: Jason

Location: Missouri, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: whitetail deer

Game Quality: none

Game Quantity: not much

Accomodations: below average

Camp Condition: junk

Food Quality: below average

Guide Experience: very limited knowledge of the

Other Personal Experience: the co- owner was not involved

Review Information

Hunter: Paul Mangiamele

Phone: 609-408-4518


Would Recommend: not to my worst enemy

Overall Impression: a complete disaster,stressful

I have hunted with over a dozen different outfitters and I have never been treated the way I was with Thunder Valley Outfitters. The owner and guides are from north Jersey so the whole experience was lacking the southern hospitality right from the start. He advertised thousands of acres and a private undisturbed hunting, one morning i had 2 pickup trucks park under my tree stand and drive the woods he claimed was his, they must have shot 30 rounds of ammo thru the woods and by the way we were bow hunting, he had a problem with me asking for an area to hunt where i wouldn't have that happen to me any more. The guides were friendly but they were guiding and hunting with the owner the entire time 7 paying customers were in camp that was there main concern. he made us feel like we were a burden to him.i had hunted 3 days straight with only seeing a couple of does when i called the guide at lunch to get down for a breather, after picking me up he told me that the owner told him to leave me out there and that I was a whiner for wanting to get out. Also, he was leaving customers standing on the road for hours waiting for a ride back to camp in the middle of nowhere without any cell phone service it was not good especially if there was an emergency.i feel i can speak for most of the group 1 guy out of 7 harvested a deer and he wasn't even happy about it because all the owner talked about was his 500 dollar fee for a deer shot under 130. Oh by the way the hunter shot the deer early morning and could not get in touch with anyone until late evening. They were busy hunting, the owner was very arrogant and demanding it was his way or the highway, some hunters hunted the same stand the entire 5 days, these stands had been hunted the week prior from a different group of hunters and the stands were shot out very very little deer sighting.I actually left a day early and spent $250.00 penalty fee to change my flight, I could not take another minute of the owner acting the way he was towards the group of hunters. It was a complete disaster, it was a first time trip for some of the guys, I reassured them that all other outfitters are not the same and there are some people out there that care especially after they take about $20,000 from you.

Outfitter Response: This guy paul is a total lair !!....he dosnt mention he was on a free hunt paid for by an employer who broght 8 guys with him and payed for all.......and they have rebooked every year since.....Paul you are a lair and the worst hunter and cry baby i have ever meet...If you guys would like the real story give me a call 201 376 6553 Jason TVO...i can also give you guys numbers of other people in camp that week and you can talk to them also....thanks guys...PAUL IS A LAIR !

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