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Outfitter Review - Cherokee Run

Submit Date: Mar 11, 2009

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Cherokee Run

Outfitter / Contact: Tom Nauman

Location: South Carolina, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Wild Boar

Game Quality: None Sighted

Game Quantity: None Sighted

Accomodations: Poor

Camp Condition: Fair at best

Food Quality: n/a

Guide Experience: fair

Other Personal Experience: none

Review Information

Hunter: Randy Cash

Phone: 804-349-2956


Would Recommend: No way

Overall Impression: terrible

9 hunters over 170 hrs. hunting over baited stands we saw 1 pig that was harvested that's it.My son and I slept in a converted closet off the bathroom to one of the main bedrooms the closet pole holders were still on the wall.We were told that the lodge could accomodate 10 hunters that was not quite true.We did not have enough utensils for everyone to eat with at meal time and the guide and his girl friend muched off our food supply the entire time we were there.The hunting property is way over hunted the pigs have gone nocturnal due to being over hunted and the bait was put out the same day we were to hunt the pigs not having enough time to find it.We were led to believe that there was over 2000 ac. of property to hunt we never saw over 400 ac the guide just kept putting us on the same stands over and over rotating hunters.Tom Nauman is a liar and shister in the true sense of the words. He knows damn well that your chances of even seeing a hog while hunting at Cherokee Run are slim to none. He did not even show his face at the lodge even after we were told that he would be arriving shortly after our arrival.It by far is the worst hunting experience I have ever participated in and the most dissappointing for my son who was on his first guided hunt of any kind. Tom Nauman promotes all these Christian Values and such but I have never known any true Christains that would bilk people out their money the way this man does. If you like to throw away money like a drunk sailor go ahead and book with him if not run the other way when you see him or his web site ,or at any of the hunting shows he participates in. The Great State of South Carolina should be ashamed to let a low life such as Tom Nauman operate in their state.He robbing a lot more from people than any criminal with a gun and getting away with it. He should be shut down and now! Want the full low down call me I'll be glad to fill you in.

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