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Outfitter Review - Buck Connection

Submit Date: Dec 4, 2007

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Buck Connection

Outfitter / Contact: Dave Peil

Location: WI, usa

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: whitetail deer

Game Quality: below average for this area

Game Quantity: average

Accomodations: very bad-see comments

Camp Condition: n/a

Food Quality: bad enough to eat in town ever

Guide Experience: $5.00 per hour help

Other Personal Experience: n/a

Review Information

Hunter: gary cernan



Would Recommend: only to people i don't like

Overall Impression: i felt ripped off

This could be a very long story, but I will keep it short. I will say this, if you are a friend of Dave's or a offer him extra money you may have a good hunt. I and a number of others paid what he asked for and we all got the shaft. He over booked and then he said he found another cabin for us to stay in, not the one we already had our gear in and cloths unpacked in. He had one of his "guides" lead us to the other cabin 25 miles away from his farm. I think by the way it looked the must have just took the tractor out of it and put in some beds earlier that day. Opening day we got to hunt some farm he leased and put up a few stands on, no shooting lanes, and only a few pieces of orange marker to find your way, 2 of the 5 guys got lost looking for their stand sites, the guide never stepped foot into the woods. 5 guys 4 days of hunting and only 2 deer were taken, and don't worry we had to help each other drag out the deer the guide was not seen after day 1. When we drove to his farm to complain we stopped and talked to a few hunters at his barn and we found out that they were filming for a T.V. show and they were the only ones allowed on his farm to hunt, they did have a couple of nice deer hanging. When asked if they pay for their hunt they said yes, they quoted a price that was higher than what we paid for by a 1000.00 dollars per person, they also said they pay big money for big bucks, I beleive what they said. Do yourself a favor stay away from this guy, I learned the hard way, don't let the same happen to you. One last thing, at a store in Mondovi the manager said Buck Connection had pictures on their web site of people that didn't hunt there, but were friends the owner.

Outfitter Response: These clowns are not hunters, just drinkers, they trashed the lodge, trespassed and shot a small buck

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