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Outfitter Review - Wilderness Exotic Hunting Lodge

Submit Date: Mar 4, 2007

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Wilderness Exotic Hunting Lodge

Outfitter / Contact: Andy Foore

Location: PA, usa

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: ram and boar

Game Quality: OK rams Terrible boar

Game Quantity: Lots of rams 3 boar

Accomodations: great

Camp Condition: great

Food Quality: good

Guide Experience: fred was great but the others

Other Personal Experience: ok

Review Information

Hunter: JOE D.



Would Recommend: for ram yes for boar or elk no

Overall Impression: pretty good ram hunt, terrible pig

I booked the hunt for a black hawiann ram for my girlfriend and a merino for me. My buddy went for a pig. We booked the hunt in December for april and when we did I told the guy my girl had wanted to shoot a normal sized black hawiann which costed $450. He said no problem and that they would have lots to choose from. The week before the hunt I called and the guy said he had a couple to choose from and there was no problem. Then the night before the hunt I called to ask what time they would like us to arrive and he said the only two black hawianns they had were going to cost $750 and 900 dollers. So I lied to my girlfriend and said that they were going to give us a deal on a bigger ram so she would go on the hunt because if she knew the hunt was going to cost me 400 more dollers then she would have hunted something different and I knew she had really wanted to harvest this particular species with her bow. The boars were dumber then farm pigs. These were supposed to be razorbacks and the cost of the hunt was 500 dollers. The boars were about 150 pounds soak and wet and had maybe half inch tusks. The stood near a feeder for about 3 hours until one got shot then they ran about 50 yards and ran back to the feeder. Then the guy tried charging my buddy 600 dollers for this "razorback". The elk were the worst part, they had 3 guys coming to shoot 3 cows during the week and 1 guy coming the day we were there they had sperated the cows from there young and the hunting area was right next to the holding area were the calfs were located. All the cows did was stand next to the fence and the young ones were standing on the otherside. A guy showed up around 12:30 to hunt one of the cows and walked up to the hunting area and shot it in 5 minutes AND WHEN I SAY 5 MINUTES I AM NOT KIDDING. A ram hunt here would be great due to they did have alot to choose from just not the one species we were after. but every thing else was horrible.

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