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Outfitter Review - Mountain Country Outfitters

Submit Date: Jan 11, 2007

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Mountain Country Outfitters

Outfitter / Contact: Lain Roth

Location: Alberta, Canada

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: any

Game Quality: n/a

Game Quantity: n/a

Accomodations: n/a

Camp Condition: n/a

Food Quality: n/a

Guide Experience: n/a

Other Personal Experience: n/a

Review Information

Hunter: Sportsman's Junction Outdoor Adventures



Would Recommend: I wouldn't trust him

Overall Impression: n/a

I was and the key word here is was, a booking agent for Mountain Country Outfitters. The person we ere in direct contact with representing Mountain Country Outfitters was Lain Roth. We only represented their hunts for an extremely short time because with the very first and only hunter we sent them Lain Roth d.b.a. Mountain Country Outfitters stiffed us for our commission after telling me personally a couple of different times that he had actually mailed our commission check of $680.00 so we know as a fact that he will flat out lie to you personally. Beware hunters, if he is dishonest with his booking agents can you trust him to be honest with his hunters. Be sure you check out his only other review here. Beware.

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