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Outfitter Review - Tallgrass Outfitting

Submit Date: Feb 6, 2006

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Tallgrass Outfitting

Outfitter / Contact: Tim Stephenson

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Mountain Goat

Game Quality: Sub Mature

Game Quantity: Very Few

Accomodations: Fair to Ok

Camp Condition: Poor to Fair

Food Quality: Adequate

Guide Experience: Unfamiliar w/Area

Other Personal Experience: Unexperienced

Review Information

Hunter: R Spenner

Phone: 414-479-8912


Would Recommend: Never

Overall Impression: Very Poor indeed

Tim runs a very poor outfitting business and is constantly on the phone while your hunting with potenial clients or to find guides for his upcoming hunters. He tells you in his phone conversations prior to your hunt that there are many large bands of Goats in his area and that you can look over many Goats before getting your 10 inch Billy. Infact you will road hunt for days until you finally see a Youth Billy and one at best, Two of us hunted for 10 days and only saw 4 Billys of which only two were even in an area that was accessable to hunt. His guides are another problem, he scrambles for help and hires guides who have never hunted in his area or have to go back to work or do other things, thus leaving you with another new guide to finish your hunt. His guide had admitted this to me after the 3rd day of hunting. I further found out later that his actual quota on the number of animals in his area that he is aloud to harvest is three per year. That should give you an idea of how many Goats there really are in his area. Tim will tell you what you want to hear to book you on his hunt. He can never give you the hunt that you think you are getting. He is strapped financially and is barely making ends meet, thus the hunter is the one to loose out in the end. He rents a cabin that he runs his camp out of , which is also currently up for sale by a Realtor, the sign posted as you drive in. What would happen if you booked and the place was sold? Where would you go? Tim is a Bear hunter who wants to be a Goat guide. The reason he gets hunters is because his prices are lower than most, but buyer beware. After we booked he told us that there would be an additional charge of $100 to pick us up at the airport, we agreed and found out later that it was $100 each. So if your looking for a great Goat hunt go up north farther. I have been on Moose hunts with outfitters who have alot of Goat I saw in his area, I just wish I would have been smarter and have booked with him rather than TIM. Of course there is always more to the story...Feel free to contact me at any time. Good luck and hunt hard>>>>>>

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