Northwest Territories Hunting Outfitter and Guide Reviews

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Submit Date: Oct 8, 2013

Outfitter Review: Adventure Northwest - Yellowknife NT

Outfitter / Owner: Boyd Warner

Hunter: Ed Garner

Animals Hunted: Canada Moose

Six day hunt in Alberta by boat on the Yates River. Used a consultant and was told the guides were boots on the ground. Never scouted after a server winter of up to nine feet of snow on the Yates. Was told only five permits per year were being drawn to protect the quality of the hunt. Visiting with the guide who were very good, we figured over this and last year 16 permits were drawn. Up to the last week and last two hunters only 4 Moose had been killed over the 2 year period. Myself with my Indian guide saw 10 Moose all cows in 6 days. The other hunter from Oregon saw 20 Moose with his Indian guide, all cows. An archer had a chance at one bull on the 7th day but was shielded by the cow and he did not shoot. It wasn't a large bull by what he could see in the bush. This was a peak rut hunt and my guide and myself had one bull grunt 3 times in 6 days. Yes hunting conditions can change from year to year but scouting is what it is all about. If consultants representing the guides would require them to show the hunter the animal being hunted and a reasonable chance for a shot or refund 75% of the money paid, outfitters would do their job. We the paying hunter all risk is on our shoulders. Tired of all the B.S., glowing pictures, success B.S. and covering their butts by consultants. If I am contacted I will reveal the consultants used by myself and the Oregon hunter. Don't book with any outfitter who will not furnish a list of all hunters, last season, in his camp hunting the animal you are signing up for. Do more home work than I did, it your money. My son was a none hunter $2,600 for him and he had no cot and had to sleep on the tent floor. Four cots for the cooks and 2 hunters but not him. His tote got left at the wrong camp and it took them 3 days to get his needed clothing back to our camp. No spring and summer scouting, just set up camp and hope for results. You might get a discount booking thru a consultant but believe me these guy's will cover their guide represented at all costs. Investigate before you invest, or you might come home with pretty pictures!!

Hunter Rating

Submit Date: Nov 5, 2012

Outfitter Review: Arctic Red River Outfitters Ltd. - Whitehorse NT

Outfitter / Owner: Tavis Molnar and Rebecca Coleman

Hunter: Dave Castro

Animals Hunted: Alaska-Yukon Moose, Dall Sheep, Mountain Caribou

Weather was a definite factor in the lack of success on this hunt. However, there were many logistical factors that left me very dissatisfied with this hunt. Faulty gear, wasted time, inability to contact outfitter for 24 hrs to retrieve animal so we could continue hunting, called off animals because they were too much work to pack out are only a small sampling of the experiences on this hunt. I've hunted with number of outfitters over the years and Arctic Red came recommended but, after this hunt, I would have to disagree.

Submit Date: Nov 10, 2009

Outfitter Review: Arctic Safaris - Northwest Territories

Outfitter / Owner: Barry Taylor

Hunter: Tom Hunger

Animals Hunted: Caribou

Barry Taylor can walk on water. I've watched him do it. Seriously, am in the process of hunting my way across the top of Canada. Have done this for six years. At this time, Barry's camp and hunting experience far outshadows every other camp I've been in. I will be back, even if they drop the Caribou quotas.

Submit Date: Nov 5, 2007

Outfitter Review: Camp Ekwo - NorthWest Territories

Outfitter / Owner: Moise Rabesca

Hunter: John Keeling

Animals Hunted: Caribou

I can't tell you what a great place this is to hunt caribou. I suggest you not only take my word for it but look at the record books. Pope & Young and Boone & Crockett as well as the Muzzleloading record books will tell the true story about how great this place is. They have had 6 world record #1 caribou taken from this camp. Currently, they hold the P&Y and B&C world record for Central Canada Barren Ground Caribou and they were all taken at Humpy Lake. All of the staff was great and our guide Leon was PERFECT. Our hunt was a huge success and I plan on going back again someday with these fine folks. Please talk to Joyce Rabesca before you hunt with anyone else and tell her John Keeling sent you. Also, my bull green scored 347 gross by the Chairman of Boone & Crockett who was also in camp that week. ThanksJohn KeelingAdventureBound Outdoors Prostaff501-617-2012

Submit Date: Oct 3, 2006

Outfitter Review: True North Safaris - Northwest Territories

Outfitter / Owner: Gary Jeab

Hunter: Don Day

Animals Hunted: Caribou

This was a terrible experience. I experienced very little customer service. When weather caused a delay we were not informed of the delay until we went looking for our guides. The boats lacked emergency equipment, were in poor condition and 5 out of 5 days we experienced boat trouble. Life vests were ripped and often there were not enough. Our motors stalled every day and all of the boats leaked. One hunter was left to wait for a volunteer taxidermist when his boat engine froze while the owner of the lodge went hunting. When our boat motor stalled several times, the owner offered no assistance but to suggest that the guide pump the accelerator. Several other hunters in the same camp also experienced boat trouble. My guide was late every day and usually the first one back to camp (early). My guide fell asleep at the wheel of the boat after a long night of drinking. He almost crashed into shore had I not taken action. We missed the shoreline by only about fifty feet at full throttle. The camp is a licensed liquor establishment. They served staff and guides until they were cross eyed and falling down drunk. The guides reeked of alcohol every day. The finale was that the meat from our caribou was stolen by the guides and the theft was covered up by the outfitter who blamed us.

Submit Date: Dec 10, 2001

Outfitter Review: Arctic Safaris - Northwest Territories

Outfitter / Owner: Barry Taylor

Hunter: Ron Neifert

Animals Hunted: Central Barren Ground Caribou

This was the 3rd hunt in the past four years that my wife and I have made at Arctic Safaris with Barry Taylor. This was an excellent hunt as the previous two were. Facilities are 1st class, food was great, guides all go the extra mile and Barry continues to have a top notch camp. Plenty of quality animals to hunt, very good fishing around the camp and on our last day the caribou were seen in unbelievable numbers. Would highly recommend Barry and would be glad to provide more detailed information.

Submit Date: Sep 9, 2000

Outfitter Review: Arctic Safaris - Northwest Territories

Outfitter / Owner: Barry Taylor

Hunter: Ronald Neifert

Animals Hunted: Central Barren Ground Caribou

My wife and I hunted with Barry in September 1998 and 1999. Both hunts were first class - in quantity of game, accomodations, food, etc. The staff was excellent and everyone worked extremely hard for the clients. Accomodations are steel grain bins - comfortable and extremely safe from Barrenground Grizzlies. Will definitely hunt with Arctic Safaris for more years in the future. Many Boone & Crockett bulls each week and good fishing in lake.

Submit Date: Jul 3, 1999

Outfitter Review: Fred Webb and Sons - Northwest Territories

Outfitter / Owner: Fred Webb

Hunter: Al Hughes

Animals Hunted: Central Canada Barren Ground Caribou

The most descriptive word for Fred's operation is PROFESSIONAL. Fred and his family make their living outfitting and they take it very seriously. Nothing that can possibly be controlled is left to chance. This is absolutely the most organized, well managed, professionally run hunt I have ever been on. The guides are excellent.If they're not excellent, they don't work for Fred. Same with everbody else in camp. Fred gives 150 percent and he expects everyone who works for him to do the same. Equipment is always in first class operating condition and there seems to be backups for everything. I have been on hunts where no one knew how to properly cape your trophy. I had to show them. Fred has a TAXIDERMIST IN CAMP to cape your trophies and prepare them for shipment. First class all the way!

Submit Date: Jul 2, 1999

Outfitter Review: NWT Outfitters - Northwest Territories

Outfitter / Owner: Darrel and Duane Nelson

Hunter: Brooks Carmichael

Animals Hunted: Caribou and Dall Sheep

I hunted twice with him, once for Caribou and the next time for sheep, I was not dissappointed either time.

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