New York Hunting Outfitter and Guide Reviews

Submit Date: Mar 29, 2010

Outfitter Review: Basswood Lodge - NY

Outfitter / Owner: Dave Forsythe

Hunter: Ron Tollner

Animals Hunted: goose/pheasant

Went for goose and pheasant.Went back a second time for pheasant.Both times were great. First class operation and great people

Submit Date: Mar 4, 2010

Outfitter Review: C.P. Guide Service - NY

Outfitter / Owner: Chris Palumbo

Hunter: Michael Farrell

Animals Hunted: Black Bear/Whitetail deer

This was a remote hunt in the Adirondacks, mountainous and beautiful. The accommodations are cabin tents with wood stoves; situated on the shores of a nice lake. The hunters were dropped off at per-designated locations via a motor boat.All hunters are given maps and good instructions on were to hunt in their assigned location, if you desire you may hunt different locations. Food was adequate, nothing to write home about. Been on 2 trips, see game both times; took bear 1st time out.Note this is a vast area to hunt, success in taking game is the exception rather than the rule; but there are some real trophy there due to its remoteness. You can also fish and hunt grouse.

Submit Date: Dec 31, 2009

Outfitter Review: Coldbrook Hunts - NY

Outfitter / Owner: Gerald Contento


Animals Hunted: BUFFALO


Submit Date: Oct 20, 2009

Outfitter Review: Turkey Trot Acres - New York

Outfitter / Owner: Pete - Sherry Clare

Hunter: Barry Stephan

Animals Hunted: Eastern Turkey

I have hunted turkey for ten years and have taken all the subspecies, but had never hunted turkeys with dogs, so, it was off to Candor, NY to give Turkey Trot Acres a try Oct 12 & 13, 2009. At the Trot, it's two hunters per guide, and hunters are taken to areas with likely habitat and, most likely, fresh turkey sign. Much walking results while the dog searchs for birds and turkeys just don't often 'break' or 'bust' in a nice scatter when they are found. However, having turkeys coming at you (regathering) from all directions is quite a thrill when it does happen. I took a hen at the end of my second day. Pete, and all his guides have years of experience at fall and spring turkey hunting, these guys are experts. I particularly enjoyed the laid back atmosphere of the lodge. Despite a lot of walking, a person is not likely to lose any weight on this hunt, good food. The dogs are just as serious about what they are doing as the guides, overall, this was a really great experience.

Submit Date: Aug 6, 2009

Outfitter Review: Big Boar Lodge - New York

Outfitter / Owner: Mark Clark

Hunter: Ed O'Donnell

Animals Hunted: Russian Boar

Real nice operation,clean comfortable lodge and very helpful guides. Plan on returning this year to take my kids on their first hunt.

Submit Date: May 20, 2009

Outfitter Review: Finger Lakes Hunt Club - New York

Outfitter / Owner: Gary Cunnigham Jr.

Hunter: Erik Ungewitter

Animals Hunted: Whitetail

2nd hunt w/ Gary... Didn't connect on my first hunt, but had some close encounters w/ the bow and passed on many good bucks. Went back last November and had a blast. took my largest buck to date first day late AM. Must have been 200th deer I saw and probably 20th buck...4 of us in camp, and 3 scored on trophy bucks. Gary has a great program and strict management and hunting strategy. It has paid off.Going back again in '09. Can't beat the price and location.

Submit Date: Nov 16, 2007

Outfitter Review: Leatherstocking Guide Service - NY

Outfitter / Owner: Bob Partridge

Hunter: Erik Ungewitter

Animals Hunted: Whitetail

Booked a hunt w/ Bob at local Sportsman's show. Very inexpensive hunt, so didn't expect much... more of a meat hunt / getaway.He claimed to have 6000 acres leased w/ over 70 treestands. We got there and met his 1 "guide" for the 6 of us and 5 others in camp. Very nice guy, but not to up on bowhunting. They told us to bring climbers if we wanted to adjust. Well, long story short, he said here are your general areas, go find a spot that looks good w/ your climbers. Period. End of story. We made the best of what we had to work with. Saw some deer, mostly does, out of bow range. A couple of small bucks w/in rifle range. Most spots would be great for gun hunting, but not bow. Bob, the owner, never got off the couch to even speak with us (literally). He just layed there and didn't do a thing.We had 6 guys in camp. One shot a spike, another wounded a spike and another missed a doe. I saw deer every time out, just out of bow range.Nice woods and nice place they put us up in, but definately not what it was supposed to be.It it weren't for the laziness of the owner and the false impression we were given, i'd be back. I have no problem w/ self guided, but not when it is supposed to be guided.Overall poor experience w/ the outfitter himself.Nice area and lots of small deer. Not a trophy hunt.

Submit Date: Sep 18, 2006

Outfitter Review: Mark Hanson - NY

Outfitter / Owner: Mark Hanson

Hunter: david caza

Animals Hunted: whitetail deer


Submit Date: Apr 19, 2006

Outfitter Review: Nicrum Outdoors - New York

Outfitter / Owner: Joel Murcin

Hunter: Tom Zastawny

Animals Hunted: Whitetail deer

I booked a 2006 guided deer hunt with Nicrum Outdoors in November 2005 with a $300 dollar deposit. After numerous emails and follow-up phone calls for 4 months to get my deposit confirmation and follow-up information, I received an email informing me that they needed to cancel my guided deer hunt and would return my $300 deposit. Another month has passed and I still don't have my deposit back. My emails and voice messages go un-answered. Nicrum Outdoors continues to promote guided hunts on their website. I don't recommend booking a guided hunt with this outfitter.

Submit Date: Jan 13, 2006

Outfitter Review: Big Boar Lodge - NY

Outfitter / Owner: Mark Clark

Hunter: Charly Tedesco

Animals Hunted: Boar

Mark runs a class operation.Real nice lodge great guide Dave.Hunt at your own pace.Great place for kids.Big boar.Mark only puts one hunting party at a time on his property.All around fun hunt.Well spent time and money.

Submit Date: Jul 27, 2005

Outfitter Review: Leather Stocking Guide Service - NY

Outfitter / Owner: Bob Partridge

Hunter: jim fenstermacher

Animals Hunted: Whitetail

2003 hunt. This outfitter over booked his hunts. He had about 55 hunters and only 5 or 6 guides. I was treated well by his son and made to feel at home. But accomodations were less than desirable. He placed me on a hill side where his property was only about 200 yards wide about a 1/2 mile from his son's trailer. The weather was against us. There was dense fog the first day where you could only see about 30 yards tops. The next two days were just as bad windy and rainy. I saw a grand total of 2 doe. I could have taken the weather into consideration. But the man or his guides never checked on me to see how I was doing or what I might be seeing. I have hunted with other outfitters and this is the worst. I would not recommend this guy to anyone if this is the way he operates.

Submit Date: Apr 29, 2005

Outfitter Review: D.C. Outdoor Adventures - NY

Outfitter / Owner: Capt. Dennis Caracciolo

Hunter: Joe carbone

Animals Hunted: DEER/TURKEY

I have hunted with capt. dennis on numerous occassions and he always does his best to get you the game you are after. I highly recommend this outfit!

Submit Date: Jan 14, 2004

Outfitter Review: Bucklore Hunting Adventures - New York

Outfitter / Owner: Anthony Platoni

Hunter: Jimmy Hepner

Animals Hunted: Black Bear

We hunted this past fall (2003)at Bucklore for the first time. Anthony runs a top-notch operation and works very hard for his hunters. Even if we didn't see a bear all week, this would have been a successful hunt. Anthony feeds you like a king and entertains you the whole time. The food was incredible! He works non-stop and rarely sleeps while you're there. Four of us hunted the first week of Bear season and 3 of us killed one the first evening and the other guy killed a bear on the third evening. Granted this may have been one of his better years according to him, but if the conditions are right (weather and quantity of food in the woods), you do what he tells you, he will do everything in his power to get you in position. He knows what he's doing! On top of all this, he's priced very reasonable.

Submit Date: Nov 3, 2003

Outfitter Review: Seaway Waterfowl - New York

Outfitter / Owner: Bill Saiff

Hunter: Jim Grinstead

Animals Hunted: Ducks

Hunted with Bill Siaff in 2002. weather was horrible our group only shot three ducks but on bill's advise decided to try him again and sure glad we did. it was a hard hunt had to paddle 3 miles into a marsh but it was worth it. the amount of ducks that we saw was enormous. filling our bag limit both days we hunted. mostly green wing teal and mallards. if you are looking for a great time and some great duck gunning then you should give bill a call he books up fast so get to him early. feel free to write or call me for more info you won't be sorry

Submit Date: Dec 16, 2002

Outfitter Review: Bucklore Hunting Adventures - New York

Outfitter / Owner: Anthony Platoni

Hunter: Thomas West

Animals Hunted: Whitetails

Fellow Sportsmen: I have put quite a number of reviews on this site and I try to be in depth and fair. In this manner my fellow hunters know what their hard earned dollars are buying. I am fairly critical, but try to be very honest. I am glad that I can put a review on here with almost no complaints. Bucklore Hunting Adventures is the real deal, pure and simple. I hunted this season with Tony Platoni for the last week of rifle season. His operation is small, he only takes four hunters fully guided. He has a lodge available for semi-guided hunts and I will tell you about that shortly. The price is 850 bucks for a five day hunt, Monday thru Friday. Tony leases private farms for exclusive hunting for his clients. He gets you out on stand way before daylight (which is something I demand on my hunts)and his stand sights are productive. His areas are farms that butt up against the big woods of the Adirondack Park in St Lawrence County in New York. These farms are crawling with deer and there are some big wall hangers running around on them. Tony tries everything humanly possible to get you a deer. He has Deer Management Assistance Permits available so you can shoot a buck and a doe. I will be honest with you. On the hunt I was on I killed a small buck (little rack, big body)and no big racks were taken. All small racked bucks and does were killed, however, one big giant was seen, and you have to bear in mind this was the last week of the season. What impressed me was the fact that the owner (also the guide, cook, and everything else) worked extremely hard for you. The man will walk everyone in to their stand, gut your deer, drag your deer, take your deer to the butcher shop, and cook you a delicious meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! The food is nothing short of incredible. The man is truly amazing in the kitchen. He is also a former restaurant owner so that may have something to do with it. You will not go away hungry and the food quality is second to none. He also has a lodge which you can rent for a semi-guided hunt. This is two hundred dollars cheaper and consists of him giving you a couple of his deer leases to hunt on. He shows you where his stands are and has dinner waiting for you back at the lodge every night. Breakfast and lunch are your responsibility. This is a decent deal for the money. The only complaints I can come up with are that the lodge you stay in for the fully guided hunt is very small. You sleep in bunk beds that are uncomfortable, unless you place some extra padding, like a sleeping bag, over your mattress. If you do that you will sleep fine. The lodge is small for four hunters and gear, but you can make due. About the only other complaint you could come up with is that most of the stands are ladder stands with no shooting rail around them. So you are forced to shoot unsupported. I carried a shooting stick up into each stand with me and it worked out well. The stands are also used for bow hunters so this may have something to do with the type Tony has chosen. All in all, I would have to highly recommend Bucklore. For the small amount of money you pay for five full days of hunting, lodging, and wonderful food, it is a very good value. I have paid three hundred a day for hunts down south that were terrible. This place is run right and that means a lot. You have a chance to kill a nice buck and a meat doe. I saw deer that were killed the week prior to us in Tony's skinning shed and there are some big bucks on his leases. Give this man a call and see what he has to say. Good hunting!

Submit Date: May 17, 2002

Outfitter Review: Turkey Trot Acres - NY

Outfitter / Owner: Pete & Sherry Clare

Hunter: Craig Conway

Animals Hunted: Eastern Wild Turkey

My dad and I hunted three days. The weather didn't cooperate with high winds and rain but we still managed to see birds. My dad passed up a few jakes in hopes of bagging a gobbler coming to the calls. I got within 50 yards of a nice longbeard but chose not to shoot because it was out of range. Gobblers were henned up which made for difficult hunting. Beautiful country and lots of birds. Lodging and food is top notch. Guides are all pro-staff cameramen and callers.

Submit Date: Apr 3, 2002

Outfitter Review: Northeast Trophy Guide Service - New York

Outfitter / Owner: Brant Signs

Hunter: Thomas West

Animals Hunted: Whitetail

Hello: Outfitter is running hunts on "supposedly" leasedprivate land that is crowded with other hunters who are not clients. Guide claims to have scouted stand locations, but the hunt is more semi-guided than anything else. There are deer in the area, but you had better be ready to find them yourself. Pre-placed stands are sometimes dangerous to get into and guide seems to care not one wit about clients satisfaction with this hunt. If you prefer getting into your stand at least half hour before daylight as I do, hunt somewhere else. My opinion and overall rating of this outfitter would be poor. Spend your money somewhere else.

Submit Date: Apr 3, 2002

Outfitter Review: Fox Den Guide Service - New York

Outfitter / Owner: Dennis Coulman

Hunter: Thomas West

Animals Hunted: Whitetail

Hello; I hunted with Dennis Coulman for whitetails. The hunt was very poor with the guide unable to find pre-placed stands in the morning darkness and again in the afternoon daylight! I managed to harvest a spike buck largely due to the fact of going off on my own and still hunting. out of eight hunters in camp most killed spike bucks by putting on drives. As far as the stands put up by the guide, they were lousy. And that was when he could find them! I understand that this guide is top notch for turkeys, although I have never hunted with him for turkeys. My opinion of this hunt whitetail was hunt was poor.

Submit Date: Oct 28, 2001

Outfitter Review: Cold Brook Hunts - NY

Outfitter / Owner: Jerry Contento

Hunter: Joe Silvaggio

Animals Hunted: Red stag, fallow deer, emu

I bow hunted here with my father and two sons ages 4 and 5. I took a beautiful red stag and an emu while my father took a nice chocolate fallow buck. This was sons' first experience big game hunting with me and they had a blast. Our guide Jamie did an excellent job especially considering the fact that my sons very talkative.

Submit Date: Mar 17, 2001

Outfitter Review: Cold Brook Hunts - NY

Outfitter / Owner: Jerry Contento

Hunter: Joe Silvaggio

Animals Hunted: Fallow deer,hogs

The preserve is about 250 acres but has plenty of cover to make for a fun hunt. I have hunted with guide Jamie twice and was successful taking both a follow buck and hog with my bow.My father and friends have hunted along with me here and have also had a great time. I plan on having sons accompany me here on another bow hunt this fall. The owner Jerry is a fair and honest guy and I would recommend his preserve to anyone.

Submit Date: Oct 2, 2000

Outfitter Review: Turkey Trot Acres - NY

Outfitter / Owner: Pete Clare

Hunter: Bill Sordoni

Animals Hunted: Eastern Wild Turkey

Pete provides a really world class turkey hunt. Great food, awesome guides, wonderful accomodations, and lots of turkeys make for a truly memorable hunt.

Submit Date: May 14, 2000

Outfitter Review: Turkey Trot Acres - NY

Outfitter / Owner: Pete Clare

Hunter: Grant Benson

Animals Hunted: eastern turkey & deer

Super operation with experienced guides and an owner and staff who know how to hunt and how to treat people right. It's not cheap, but the best seldom is.Treat yourself to a great trip

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