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Submit Date: Jan 8, 2013

Outfitter Review: Cross Hair Consulting - Oakley CA

Outfitter / Owner: Wade Derby

Hunter: Peter Bonneau

Animals Hunted: Elk

I had researched elk hunts for over three months online when I decided to use Crosshair Conslting. Wade Derby was extremely informative. He gave me his honest opion on every hunt he offered and would not send me to anyone he had not already worked with. He knows the quides he works with and what they are capable of. I can not praise Wade enough for his excellent recomendation. My hunting party of three had a 100% success taking a 5x5 a 6x6 that scored 330 and my 6x8 that scored 322. A foot note here** Wade was the ONLY person to make sure I took the ongoing wolf pressure into account before booking. So why not let the pro's who know, help you plan the hunt of your dreams like I did?

Submit Date: Dec 4, 2009

Outfitter Review: Tom Willoughby - California

Outfitter / Owner: Tom

Hunter: Barry Perkins

Animals Hunted: wild boar

My son Travis had never harvested a hog and this was a perfect hunt. We saw game right at first light and Travis took a nice hog about 150 lbs. A short while later Tom put us on hogs again and I took a nice boar aprox 230 lbs the boar will make a nice mount.If you want an action packed hog hunt you can't go wrong with Tom.I will book again with Tom When I have room in my freezer.Give me a call and I can give you some inside tips.

Submit Date: Apr 20, 2008

Outfitter Review: Tom Willoughby - California

Outfitter / Owner: Tom Willoughby

Hunter: L. Branch

Animals Hunted: Wild hogs

My buddy and I hunted with Tom Willoughby and his son Blake in May of '07. Our hunt with Tom was booked several weeks in advance and he assured us that he would use that time to scout his various hunting areas to assure us the best opportunity at a successful hunt.We met with Tom and Blake very early in the morning on the first day of the hunt. Without wasting any time we were off to a pre-determined spot to wait for a group of hogs that had been feeding in a nearby barley field. Within about 15 minutes of setting up at our ambush spot on the side of a hillside, here came the hogs.My buddy and I both dropped huge bodied tusked trophy boars right after sunrise. Tom really called that ambush location and time just right.Tom and his son Blake are both top notch guides. It is also clear that Tom really knows his hunting areas and that he pre-scouts them as claimed.It isn't always that easy and it doesn't always end with us successfully bagging game. That's why its called 'hunting'. But I was really impressed with Tom's 'no nonsense & no B.S.' style and his effort to put you on game.I believe if you can shoot straight Tom will get you a hog.

Submit Date: Apr 8, 2007

Outfitter Review: Lockwood Hunting Services - California

Outfitter / Owner: Tim Lockwood

Hunter: Joey Russo

Animals Hunted: Wild Pig

I hunted with Tim Lockwood the end of March for wild pigs. The weather just prior to the hunt was unseasonably cold and wet-miserable. When I arrived the extreme weather departed which was a good thing, however, we were then hit with a BRIGHT full moon. The moon literally cast shadows at night! Apparently the majority of pigs had moved to lower elevations as a result of the previous stormy weather, and the ones remaining in the area were moving at night under the illumination of the full moon. These circumstances created poor conditions when it came to finding pigs in shoot-able light hence my *poor rating regarding quantity of pigs seen. There was plenty of deer though and it was not uncommon to see 20-30 each day! Despite the difficult conditions, Tim worked hard and there was clear evidence of much pig activity at night so I have no doubt abundant pigs live in the area. The first evening I even had the opportunity to harvest a fairly sizeable boar, however, due in part to the fading light; I was unable to accurately judge “teeth” so I decided to hold my fire. Hindsight being what it is, bad call-but that’s why it’s called hunting and not getting! In conclusion, perhaps the best recommendation I can give is despite the difficulties experienced on this hunt, this was a positive experience, and I do intend to return and give it another go with Tim.

Submit Date: Dec 29, 2006

Outfitter Review: Bergman's Guide Service - CA

Outfitter / Owner: Eldon Bergman

Hunter: D Coletti

Animals Hunted: WIld Boar

Eldon is a senior guide of many years of experience in the Western USA, Alaska and Mexico. I hunted with him for wild boar in June 2006. He's quite entertaining to hunt with from the standpoint of stories, and he's very well fit for his age. Hunting was spot and stalk with plenty of hiking. As commented by the previous poster, there wasn't much game to be seen. We hunted all morning and all afternoon and saw not one boar until the last minutes of daylight. We did see numerous deer, but we weren't hunting deer, nor was it deer season. The one boar we spotted came to the exact area that Eldon thought he would, and it appeared the pigs holed up all day on non-huntable property, and ventured onto Eldon's leases toward evening. I took that boar after a 150 yard sprint to get into position and a 230 yard shot sitting at last light, and it was about 180 lbs live weight. An exciting and successful end to the hunt, but again, we saw very little sign and no other pigs all day. Again, it's fair chase hunting, not shooting pigs in a barrel, so another day might be different. It was a fun hunt.

Submit Date: Dec 11, 2006

Outfitter Review: Multiple Use Managers - CA

Outfitter / Owner: Multiple Use Managers

Hunter: Hank

Animals Hunted: elk & mule deer

I hunted on Santa Rosa Island for elk and mule deer and had a blast. Guides were friendly and knowledgable, the hunts were exciting and the scenery was unparalleled. If you can get on this island before the feds close it in 2011, do it.

Submit Date: Oct 30, 2006

Outfitter Review: Carrissa Plains Exotic Hunts - CA

Outfitter / Owner: Joel Twisselman

Hunter: Chris Gilbert

Animals Hunted: Pigs, Elk, Sheep

This is the forth trip with the Twisselman's. These guys are great! They are very concerned that you get game, and they bust butt until you get a chance to shoot.The guides (Ethan, Tanner and Jack until he found a girl friend!) have hunted the ranch since birth and know the area.The family has a unbeliveable history of the area and are a joy to talk with.Ask them about the hog in the pond story!!!

Submit Date: Oct 15, 2006

Outfitter Review: Crosshair Consulting - CA

Outfitter / Owner: Wade Derby

Hunter: Bruce Brown

Animals Hunted: Rocky Mountain Elk

The hunt I went on was hunt 3 on Wade Derby books high quality hunts with excellent outfitters. If you are looking for high quality hunts this is the place to book through. This elk hunts was outstanding. Over 30 plus bulls over six days. I harvested a nice 6x5 bull that was 40 inches wide. Highly recommned this to any archery elk hunter

Submit Date: Jul 16, 2006

Outfitter Review: Boaring Experiences, LLC - California

Outfitter / Owner: Kyler Hamann

Hunter: Joey Russo

Animals Hunted: Boar

I hunted with Kyler for two days this past May. Stayed in Parkfield (population 18) at the Inn, comfortable accommodations, and awesome food at the Café. We covered a lot of territory by 4x4, glassing as we went, dismounting at times, and saw pigs every day. However, I was after a trophy boar and passed up shots at meat-pigs. Saw a couple of worthy boar but were either way out of range or out of light. I guess that is why it is called hunting and not killing! Kyler knows his stuff and despite the lack of my taking a boar this was a positive, fair-chase experience and I would not hesitate to recommend him.—J.R.

Submit Date: Jun 7, 2006

Outfitter Review: Lockwood Hunting Services - California

Outfitter / Owner: Tim Lockwood

Hunter: Philip Garnett

Animals Hunted: Hog

Great hunt, saw pigs every day. Area was well known to Tim Lockwood. I got within 12 yards of a pig but failed to see it as my back was to it. Harvested a pig at close range 25 yard shot.

Submit Date: Feb 7, 2006

Outfitter Review: Bergman's Guide Service - California

Outfitter / Owner: Eldon Bergman

Hunter: L. Branch

Animals Hunted: Wild boar

It was very obvious that owner/guide Eldon Bergman did absolutely no scouting of the area during the weeks prior to our booked hunt. During our 2-day hunt not even a single hog was sighted by any member of our four man hunting party, or by owner/guide Eldon Bergman. As a matter of fact, Bergman never so much as located a stale track, let alone a recent watering hole or game trail. That's pretty bad.My impression of Eldon Bergman is that he's hunted the area for so many years that he feels advance scouting is no longer necessary. His hunting method seems to be just cover a lot of territory and if he's lucky he'll stumble across a hog.Bergman made no offer of a re-hunt or even a discount on a future hunt. Once he's got your money in his pocket the Bull*#@t starts and the hunt is over.We absolutely did not get what we paid for.

Submit Date: Jul 24, 2005

Outfitter Review: North Powder Outfitters - CA

Outfitter / Owner: Jason Montagner

Hunter: Ralph Zingone

Animals Hunted: Hog

Very high quality and fun hunt on private ranches in Northern CA that see very low hunting pressure so game quality and quantity is high. Jason was born and raised in this area and knows the land like the back of his hand. Jason and his assistant will take you on a hog hunt your sure to never forget. Book a hog hunt with him soon and ask what other game he may have available!!

Submit Date: Jul 18, 2005

Outfitter Review: North Powder Outfitters - California

Outfitter / Owner: Jason Montagner

Hunter: Ralph Zingone

Animals Hunted: Wild Hog

Would definately recommend this outfitter to anyone looking for a fun hog hunt any time of the year. Lots of quality animals on large ranches throughout Northern California. Friendly experienced guide and great help. Very high quality hunt at a very reasonable price.

Submit Date: Jul 13, 2005

Outfitter Review: North Powder Outfitters - CA

Outfitter / Owner: Jason Montagner

Hunter: Larry Pasero

Animals Hunted: WILD PIG, DEER, TURKEY

My brother and I had booked a January pig hunt. A storm made the one-day hunt almost impossible, although we did go out to give it a shot. We saw some awesome Tule elk, deer, and fresh pig sign. Jason invited us back due to the poor weather, and we returned in July. We saw two good groups of hogs, and had a good opportunity to harvest. The ranch we hunted hadn't been hunted in a month. These ranches don't get hammered every weekend. The property we hunted is in Northern California. Jason is a stand up guide that makes you feel like your hunting with a friend. First class. Accommodations were set up at a local motel. Clean, comfortable, and great food. We will definitely be back.

Submit Date: Jun 2, 2004

Outfitter Review: Tom Willoughby - CA

Outfitter / Owner: Tom Willoughby

Hunter: john fealy

Animals Hunted: Wild Boar

I just got back from hunting this past Memorial Day weekend (5/29/04) at one of the ranches Tom has access to. I had a great experience bagging two boar ( a big sow and a 325lb boar.....he was huge!!). It was clear to me that Tom knows the ranches he works like the back of his hand. He also knows the habbits of the hogs. For two years in a row I've filled my freezer with great tasting (non-gamey) barley fed boar meat. I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed the experience.John FealyWalnut Creek, CA

Submit Date: May 6, 2004

Outfitter Review: Crosshair Consulting - California

Outfitter / Owner: Wade Derby

Hunter: don mustgrave

Animals Hunted: deer elk

wade is a booking agent, and he is very honest.he will represent any hunt as truthfully as he know's it to be. he dosen't take free hunts and he only represents reputable outfitters

Submit Date: Sep 10, 2002

Outfitter Review: CrossHair Consulting - CA

Outfitter / Owner: Wade Deby

Hunter: Karl Wallace

Animals Hunted: Whitetail, Axis, & Blackbuck

I have hunted through Wade's services on four different hunts. From economy hunts to 'all inclusive' hunts, Wade will tell you upfront what to expect. Wade has personally hunted with most of the outfitters that he 'books' for, so he speaks from experience. While success can be measured several ways, enjoying yourself and having the opportunity to hunt quality game is my personal goal. Wade has helped me achieve this through his service. In closing, I would like to add that I am planning my fifth hunt through CrossHair Consulting as I complete this review.

Submit Date: Jan 19, 2002

Outfitter Review: Crosshair Consulting - CA

Outfitter / Owner: Wade Derby

Hunter: steve smirga

Animals Hunted: buffallo,mt.goat,whitetail

those are just a few of the animals i've harvested with wade. if you want a hassle free excellent hunting trip for any animal give wade a call.

Submit Date: Aug 20, 2001

Outfitter Review: Adventures West - California

Outfitter / Owner: Keith Hartman

Hunter: Jon Tatro

Animals Hunted: Salmon

I have used Keith's salmon fishing guide over ten times in the last 4 years. Early or late season, we have always caught fish! His boat, bait and tackle are always in great shape. He knows where the fish are and if we have to chase them, we always find them. In Dec. 2000 we fished one day and had 4 limits of salmon by 9:30am, included were a couple 30 pounders, others averaged 20+. This guide is one of the best on California's Sacramento River.

Submit Date: Nov 21, 2000

Outfitter Review: Tom Willoughby - California

Outfitter / Owner: Tom Willoughby

Hunter: Boris Naydichev

Animals Hunted: Hogs

I hunted hogs with Tom and his associate Ed last year in Monteray County. We had access to a private ranch. Since I was the only person to hunt, he put me together with another hunter. By 8:30 in the morning we were on the way home with the pigs cleanly skinned and packed. That's considering the fact that one of two pigs I shot fell about 100+ yards down the canyon densly covered with sage brush. We had to locate it and pulled the meat out.The prices for the amount of work these guys do is very reasonable $400. Tom is not likely to start entertaining you with a lot of stories, but he knows his business. It is a great alternative to going with another guide that I've been - all days of stories, but no pigs to shoot.

Submit Date: May 23, 2000

Outfitter Review: Crosshair Consulting - CA

Outfitter / Owner: Wade Derby

Hunter: steve smirga

Animals Hunted: grizzly

wade personally hunts at every outfit he represents, and makes sure everything is to his satisfaction. wade's a very honest person and tells you exactly what to expect.

Submit Date: Feb 18, 2000

Outfitter Review: Tom Willoughby - CA

Outfitter / Owner: Tom Willoughby

Hunter: Paul Hodgson

Animals Hunted: Wild boar

I've hunted with Tom and his assistant Ed for three years. These guys are unbelievable when it comes to hunting hogs. They have access to the best private land, they know the habits of the hogs, and they know how to hunt them. Tom has been guiding for over 25 years and is very professional. He charges a very reasonable price ($400 for a hog last time I went). He also guides for elk and mule deer up in Idaho, although I have never hunted those species with him. In the past I was stung by another guide that hunts in that area so I was content to stick to hunting public land on my own, but public land has tons of other hunters and very little game. Tom restored my faith in the guide profession. I highly recommend him if you want to hunt hogs. His number is (831) 385-3003.

Submit Date: Nov 24, 1999

Outfitter Review: High Plains Outfitters - CA

Outfitter / Owner: Gail Machado

Hunter: Don Martin

Animals Hunted: Tule Elk

If you draw a tule elk tag for the La Panza Unit you should definitely give Gail a call. Her husband, Steve, does the guding and he keeps a pretty close eye on the local elk. The tule elk are transient visitors to the ranch and are very difficult to hunt, but High Plains Outfitters may be able to provide you with an opportunity, just like they did me. We had a real tough hunt that ended with the harvest of a handsome 7x5 bull and I couldn't have been more pleased. Gail and Steve are great people and really enjoyable to hunt with.I saw all kinds of wild hogs on their 10,000 acre ranch. They're rifle hunts are competitively priced and the opportunity for a trophy boar is excellent!High plains OutfittersGail Machado(805) 475-2833

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