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Submit Date: Dec 29, 2010

Outfitter Review: Hills Farms - Newport AR

Outfitter / Owner:

Hunter: Jesse W

Animals Hunted: Ducks, Geese

Just a warning for others out there. Do not use Brad Hill and Hills farm out of Amagaon as your guide service. He is a liar an a thief. My dad and I went here on a 3 day trip. When we called Brad ad asked questions he told us many lies. We asked if there was timber to hunt and said yes. Also said you would not hunt the same blind 2 days in a row. There website says there is over 10 miles of land to hunt on. All of this was a lie. When we got there we were pretty excited because talking to people, there were a lot of ducks in the area. As we started talking with our guide for those 3 days, we found that there was no timber on the property. We also were told that the pit we were in was going to be the blind we would be in for 3 days as well. This would be fine if there were ducks using this hole. The first day we sat sun up to sun down and shot 5. We only missed one. All but one were pass shots. I understand the guide can not control the ducks, that is not what we were mad at. Brad Hill leases the land and his hunting club from Alabama hunt it. While we were hunting the last pit on the land, his members were shooting quite a bit. In fact, they parked their vehicles 100 yards from our blind so they wouldn't scare their ducks away, but not worry about the paying customer. They proceeded to hunt the blind closest to us and break ice with their 4 wheeler for about an hour. No ducks came in site of this place.Our guide was a 19 year old kid from Illinois. He has only been hunting for 2 years. Put it this way, he could not call me to supper he was that bad. The worst thing about our guide was when we had singles or doubles come in, his gun would be the first one up trying to shoot. Good thing he did not have the best shot, otherwise we may have gotten much less that the 6 ducks we managed to get. The only good thing he did was change the decoys around when the wind changed. Day 2 we shot 1 teal on a pass shot. Lots of geese flew over, but no goose decoys like promised. On the morning of day 2 our guide was 20 minutes late. On day 3 we waited for 45 minutes and our guide never arrived. We had stayed in Stuttgart the night before so had to get up pretty early to get there. We decided to just head back to Wisconsin and not deal with that BS anymore. Brad Hill called us later in the morning apologizing for his guide being late. He gave us the guides number to call, but we were on the road. We texted the guide telling him how we felt. His respose was should have been here, got 4 ducks already. No apology, nothing. Some may be mad I am posting this on here, but wanted to warn anyone who would even consider ths rip off of a guide.

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Submit Date: Dec 11, 2010

Outfitter Review: Hills Farms - Newport AR

Outfitter / Owner:

Hunter: Dusty Gaskins

Animals Hunted: Ducks

Everything on the Web-site is a lie made up to pay for Brad hills Leased blinds.No large decoy spreads,no meals provided, and was put in a pit blind that his guide told us had been hunted four days straight. Total scam don't waste your time or money on Brad Hill or his scam he is running.

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Submit Date: Dec 10, 2010

Outfitter Review: Hills Farms - Newport AR

Outfitter / Owner:

Hunter: Josh Tawes

Animals Hunted: Ducks, Geese

Brad Hill is a liar, promised the world did not deliver. He is a coward left the guides try to clean up his mess. Beware do not use this service regardless of price, it is a complete ripoff.

Submit Date: Sep 8, 2008

Outfitter Review: Wrangler-up Outfitters - Arkansas

Outfitter / Owner: Mark Martin

Hunter: RL Page II

Animals Hunted: Black Bear

Mark and his family & crew run an outstanding hunting lodge. He and his entire staff are intimately familiar with all the available game in the area as well as the land used to hunt it.During my week in Oct '06, hunters took Whitetail deer, wild hogs and even a Turkey. I was Bear hunting and due to an incredibly heavy acorn yield saw no Bear at the baits. My 11 hour spot and stalk day had me on a Bear for 8 of those hours but unable to close to bow-range due to the heavy and crackling carpet of acorns! This is one of those things you can't fault the outfitter for any more than you can blame them for the weather, so my hunt was actually a success to me. Against all odds I still found a Bear to follow around for a day. I would go back in a heartbeat. The food was incredible. The accomodations were very comfortable and even private. The landscape perfect for archers or gunners and you can hunt deer, bear, hogs and turkey all season. What more could you ask? Nothing in my book. Just pray for fewer acorns. Oh and by the way: His costs beat out all hunting lodge competition within the tri-state area (NC, TN & AR).

Submit Date: Feb 22, 2006

Outfitter Review: Timber Ridge Lodge - Arkansas

Outfitter / Owner: Bryan Henley

Hunter: Dudley Shankles

Animals Hunted: Whitetail Deer

I paid the $1,000.00 deposit for an October 1, 2005 hunt. After the check cleared my bank, Bryan seemed to vanish. Did not return phone calls, emails, website disappeared. Even spoke to his mother on phone.Beware of sending a deposit to this individual!Of course, the deposit was not returned, imagine that!

Submit Date: Aug 24, 2005

Outfitter Review: Cypress Slough Guide Service - Arkansas

Outfitter / Owner: Kip Turner

Hunter: Kym Abernathy

Animals Hunted: waterfowl

The outfitter and his staff go above and beyond to make sure their guest enjoy the whole waterfowl experience. Plus you are right down the road from the world famous Mack's Prairie Wings, Echo Duck Calls and Rich-n-tone. All duck hunters should experience Stuttgart and all it offers during the duck season!

Submit Date: Dec 27, 2002

Outfitter Review: Duck Blasters - Arkansas

Outfitter / Owner: Eric Bupp

Hunter: Skip Brickell

Animals Hunted: Ducks & Geese

Hunted the last week of 2002 with Duck Blasters of Monette , Arkansas. Great group of guides who really care about their hunters and will work their butts off to put you in front of birds. Green timber, rice fields, or river blinds, these guys do their homework everyday to make sure your in the right place. Duck hunting can be a real hit or miss business these days but these guys have enough territory to cover just about any situation. Am planning to snow goose hunt with them in March or April. This is one of those hard to find real bang for the buck values.

Submit Date: Jan 23, 2001

Outfitter Review: Mallard Masters - AR

Outfitter / Owner: Brad Hill

Hunter: Drew

Animals Hunted: Waterfowl

Beware of Mallard Masters or Hills Farms. Brad will lie to you right to your face and will produce nothing. He does not pay his guides so they will shoot the ducks before you can raise your gun. If you look at his webpage make sure to disreguard everything that it says. It was the hunt of a lifetime, almost made us never go back to AR again.

Submit Date: Jan 23, 2001

Outfitter Review: Mallard Masters - Arkansas

Outfitter / Owner: Brad Hill

Hunter: Kevin Lewis

Animals Hunted: Waterfowl

Very bad communications between the guides and the owner. Equipment in disrepair and not working. Owner claimed he prided himself on personal details and yet we only saw him when he wanted to get paid. Guides tried their best, but could only do so much the way things were.

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