API Grand Slam Super Star Climbing Treestand

API Grand Slam Super Star Climbing Treestand



I've been testing the predecessor to the Super Star - the API Shooting Star - for 3 years now. The main difference between the two stands is the addition of a bar in front of the shooter on the top piece of the stand, and the angle of the arm rests are slightly different. They are alike in all other respects.

One thing I absolutely loved about this stand when I got, and still do, is that it uses a cycle-type chain that does the climbing/grabbing of the tree. Much easier and quieter to use than the old, dreaded V-bar attachments that used to be the standard on climbers (now you rarely see them any more). However, there are still some slightly annoying things about this stand in some situations. If you take your stand in with you the day you're going to hunt, and bring it back out with you, you want to do it quietly. This is particularly true if you're hunting in close quarters to a trophy buck you've been chasing. Trophy bucks don't take kindly to strange metallic noises.

When setting this stand up in the dark it can be very difficult to easily and quietly find the hole in the chain (covered by a plastic sheath) that you need to stick your holding pin into. More than once I have found myself squatting down with a mini-mag flashlight wedged in my mouth, trying to shine through the small hole to see where to put the pin. If you do it slowly and meticulously, you can be quiet. I like to spend as little time on the ground as possible, though, less scent to spread around. Taking it off the tree, though, is a cinch. Let me emphasize, though, that whatever this systems's slight annoyances, it is still a vast and welcome change from the days of the V-bar.

The plastic sheath on the chain wears out pretty quickly, but can be replaced without too much difficulty.

Although I'm told that other stands in the API Grand Slam series fit together very easily for backpacking purposes, the Shooting Star takes quite a lot of effort to fit together "well". However, after you've figured it out, you can secure it together well enough with about 4 bungee cords so that it doesn't squeak, rattle or bang while you're packing it into or out of the woods.

Once the stand is on the tree, I have nothing but praise for it. It climbs very well. It's very sturdy. I have never felt unsafe in this stand. I highly recommend the footrest. When spending all day in the stand, it's nice to rest your feet up sometimes. The stand has a very comfortable, thickly padded seat that is amply large for full support. It has padded armrests that are comfortable as well. My stand has never shifted on me, and is extremely quiet when sitting and waiting. I've felt plenty safe with it to go as high as 30 feet, and have shot several deer and hogs from it near that height. Overall I would definitely recommend it as a good, safe stand.


Light for its size, stable, comfortable, easy climber


Doesn't pack together real well, slightly annoying to attach to a big tree in the dark

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