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Review Date: Apr 29, 2004

Remington SP10 Magnum 10 ga shotgun

Reviewer: Stephen Kennedy

Recommended: yes and with enthusiasm

This gun is a joy to shoot and performs flawlessly under all conditions. It is heavy at 11 pounds but I like the solid robust feel of it and ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Jul 12, 2003

Browning BPS Shadow grass 10 ga shotgun

Reviewer: Leon Prescesky

Recommended: yes

Lots of range, quite heavy and causes shooter to shoot high on shots when gun is new, small stock bead which must be drilled out to put in a larger ... READ REVIEW

Review Date: Jun 16, 2001

Browning BPS Camo Turkey 10 ga shotgun

Reviewer: Steve Kovach

Recommended: yes

This is an excellent product, that has the power to knock down a turkey in the spring turkey woods. Long shots should never be taken when hunting ... READ REVIEW

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